Hotels in Tilburg

Booking sites such as, etc. cover most places.

There is one further option not covered by the booking sites that we’d
like to draw your attention to:

This place is very affordable (50-75 euros per room; it is actually a
hotel school) and 15-20′ by foot from the university. The webpage is in
Dutch only, but if you call them (open the drop down menu “Reserveren”),
you will be able to talk to them in English.

Hotels outside Tilburg

As you might find out, things in the hotel business are far from ideal
in Tilburg, with low supply and high prices, and most of the cheaper
hotels located at the periphery. If you are travelling on a low budget,
you may want to consider staying outside Tilburg.

–Oisterwijk is a 10′ train ride to the uni, and the last train back
leaves past midnight. The surroundings are very attractive: lots of
forests, moors, and small lakes. If you appreciate this, then most
places there are good value for money.

–Hilvarenbeek is a charming village with a beautiful central square and
some affordable places. However, it is 20′ to the city center (=30-35′
to the uni), and the last bus back leaves at 11pm.

—Dongen is another place where you better have a car. However, it is
quite close to the uni and has a nice hotel in a historic building in
the city center (Hotel De Villa).

Private Accommodation

B&B’s are listed under
They are mostly in the same price class as hotels, but offer a more
personal atmosphere.

Finally, there are social accommodation websites such as and


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